Octopus Cloud FAQ

Can you steal my Chia farm keys?

Your farm keys, Public or Private are not required for this service to work. We also do not charge any farming fees or dev fees, besides the monthly subscription cost . 100% of the farming profit minus any Madmax or Pooling fees go to you.

What is the latency requirement for this to work
Less than 250ms is recommended, Nodes are located in Eastern USA

What are the bandwidth requirements and usage?
This depends on farm size and compression size, but it is not much. A 300Tib farm of C29 uses about 350kbps

What compression sizes are supported?
All of Madmax’s C1-33

What compression plot types are supported?
Currently only Madmax’s Gigahorse.

Can i use the GPU for other things such as plotting or gaming , etc?
No, due to security reasons we are not offering access to the GPU compute for other means, including plotting.

Do you offer remote plotting?
Currently we are not offering this feature but is being considered

Why do you need my IP address?

We require your public IP address we know where your remote compute traffic is coming from to secure your GPU from unauthorized users. If you are coming from multiple IPs or you want a CIDR range, we support that. Currently we do not support DNS names.
If you require help finding your public IP you can go to www.ipchicken.com

is IPv6 supported

Currently IPv6 is not supported

Can i share my GPU with my friend’s farm?
Yes we can allow multiple farms on a single GPU, but you will be responsible for sharing effectively/fairly.